Corruption in Youth Soccer

The following issues in Garland Soccer need to be investigated:

  1. Garland’s children were harmed by sexual predator Bernardo Mondragon-Guzman. Has Garland Soccer made changes as they promised they would do in the media?
  2. A director married to a registered for life, level 2 sex offender with a child victim was letting him handle rosters and other records. This director did not drive and this offender accompanied her everywhere. The president insisted on keeping her on the board knowing the sex offender would be around at every soccer activity possibly putting our children in danger.
  3. This same director and her husband were bragging that they would be meeting the association president, David Arciniega, to discuss construction work for GSA when no open bidding was in progress.
  4. $8,000.00 of “missing funds” has no proper documentation as the board is routinely denied documentation.
  5. Garland Soccer Association president, David Arciniega, lied to the GSA member coaches about those “missing funds” claiming there was ongoing litigation between the software provider, Jevin and the payment processor, Corduro. 2 years later no litigation is on record anywhere.
  6. A former Coach and director were brought up on phony charges when the player pool placed children of the correct age with their coaching parents. Why would children be placed on teams competing against their parents’ teams?
  7. The president, David Arciniega, runs this organization like a dictatorship and flouts the GSA, North Texas State and US Youth Soccer by-laws.
  8. State law concerning fiduciary duties is not being followed.
  9. Elections in Garland Soccer have been rigged for years.
  10. Arciniega filed a No Confidence Petition in an attempt to remove a director who spoke on behalf of a candidate running against him. Members are afraid to vote their conscience.
  11. The number of players and coaches are dropping as folks leave unhappy with their experience in Garland Soccer.
  12. Garland Soccer has lost almost all of its interleague play with neighboring associations. Richardson, Wylie and Chamber Classic have left Garland Soccer. Plano Soccer will not invite us to join them all. The U13 and up depend on interleague to have enough teams to play in their correct age groups.
  13. The coaches are shut down at meetings and their voices are not heard.
  14. The Garland Soccer Association is operated in a shroud of secrecy even though it is in fact a 501 c 3 charity and should be completely transparent.
  15. Members of the association and the public have not been welcomed to the board meetings.
  16. Board meeting agendas, board meeting minutes and board member reports are kept secret.

This organization has coaches in fear of retaliation if they speak out. It is a hostile and unwelcoming environment.


3 thoughts on “Corruption in Youth Soccer

  1. Great Job! Thank you for documenting your crisis. I can tell you that minus thr Level 2 sex offender, all the other patters mirror our program in the Maple Valley Soccer Association. Getting people to publically testify is bery hard because the local soccer mafia will intimidiate you and your kids at local parks. We have become a communitu of pansy a$$es that seems willing to accept corruption at all levels of society. Where are the John Wayne’s of the workd?

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing. You are my hero as I know how much courage it takes to speak up. The harassment and retaliation I have faced has been horrific! The lawsuit I have against David Arciniega and Garland Soccer has gone on for over a year despite the liar and fraud of a president assuring them I would be tossed to the curb in round one and that all of the lawsuit was fictitious. The coaches now realize that the creep has rigged the elections, ignored safety issues and used the soccer funds as his own pocketbook for years. President David Arciniega wasted $15,000.00 of the association’s (501 c 3 charity’s) money on using the North Texas State Soccer Association attorney to defend the lawsuit. The sleazebag probably figured he could control that attorney and use him to his own advantage while he throws the board he has conned right under the bus. The Pullen Insurance attorney would have been free from the get go, but those attorneys work for the insurance company and will not support Arciniega’s lies and antics and go forward with a sure loser of a case. That this corruption goes along unchecked for so many years is unbelievable.


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